Water Features Myths Demystified

Water Features Myths Demystified:

If you’ve ever contemplated acquiring a water feature some assumptions may ‘spring’ to mind: possibly that they’re too costly, that all water features need to be placed outdoors or that you need lots of garden space, other assumptions are that water features are highly complex items to install and maintain. 

In some extreme examples of complicated water features these factors can be true, however for the majority of water features this is not the case.

To help address such notions we’ve tried to answer some misconceptions and hope they answer any questions that may come to mind.


In the ‘About Us’ section we’ve shared some of the most amazing water features on our planet; safe to say, when built these structures would be massively expensive, however the ordinary person is unlikely to want the Trevi fountain in their garden! Water features can be kept very small and simple but yet achieve enormous impact in an indoor or outdoor space because of the benefits they instantly bring – ions, sound and feel – regardless of scale.


As simple small designs are completely achievable the need for masses of outdoor space is not needed. You may feel that you’re losing something by giving up space in the garden but all our features are scalable to fit and ensure that the piece is integrated to your existing space and not something that dominates the available space.

High Maintenance

Along with the notion that water features are complex items to build the assumption is they’re equally difficult to maintain and sustain functionality – not so. The majority of water features will only require a once-a-year maintenance visit; the feature may require a new pump installed in extreme cases but like cars they do require a basic MOT to make sure they keep running well.

Indoor v’s Outdoor

A common assumption is that water features can only be installed outdoors or in large garden spaces – not so. Water features can be placed within homes and more commonly within office building or workspaces; which will bring any entrance, outdoor or atrium space to life and offer tenants and workers the added benefit of a tranquil space to rest and rejuvenate.

If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.

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