Thinking About Moving Home? – Need Outdoor Improvements Before you Sell?

Are you Thinking about moving home? Do you need to improve an outdoor space, water feature or garden before you put your property on the market … If you do, Serenity can help.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of working on a beautiful old water feature in Milngavie, Glasgow. This included functionality restoration, creation of a new cascade stream and reinstatement of the feature focal point; thus significantly improving the outdoor view of a property about to be put on the market for sale.

The water feature is +30 years old, and sits at the front of the house meaning it’s the first thing potenital buyers see when they approach the property. As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, the feature was in dire need of some TLC and by the end not only was the feature fully operational, it looks rejuvenated and is also welcoming to buyers not just visually but now with the beautiful sound of cascading water.

Here’s how we did it ….

We initially got a call about a leaking water feature but we could see lots more could be improved than just the leak.

Our job was limited to just reconstruction of the stream and to use the existing stone, one of the problems with the feature was that when turned on, the bottom pond would drain in order to fill the top pond and catchment areas down the stream.

When constructing a pond with a top and bottom pool it is important that the bottom pool is larger than the top in order to account for the water displacement.

Due to this being a problem with this feature we circumvented the top pond and created a narrower stream with lots of small falls all the way down limiting the amount of water displaced while achieving a burbling stream in the process.

A new pump was installed in both ponds which run off of a low wattage keeping the features economical to run. Lined in 1mm Greenseal EPDM this stream will last for a long time and no doubt optimise the value of this property before it goes to market.

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