The Name’s Pond, James Pond – 5 Top Tips to looking after your Pond

Have you ever wondered why some Ponds and Pools look amazingly clean, clear and bright?

At Serenity we believe that a clean and bright looking Pond is achievable by being well-maintained and we’ve put together 5 top tips for achieving this.

  1. In the Autumn season either cover your pond with a net or net out all leaves before they sink… this will stop the debris falling to the bottom of the water as decomposing leaves can release excess nutrients into the water that algae thrives off.
  2. Any signs of algae or blanket weed should be cleared out, algae can lead to deoxegenation of your pond and can affect the wildlife living in it.
  3. Filters should be flushed or cleaned out at least once a year …this will improve water quality and sustain the quality of filtering all year round.
  4. Pumps should be cleaned/serviced annually which will ensure waterflow function is consistent and extend the life-span of the pump.
  5. Plants, Plants, Plants !!! In particular oxegenating plants will help slow algae growth. Well planted Ponds will help with water quality and are a long-term investment in retaining healthy quality water all year round. It’s important to use aquatic compost which has a low nutrient level.

Simple and easy when you know how! If you need help Serenity Water Features can assist in not only maintenance but installing new Ponds and Water Features.

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In the meantime here’s a short video of us tackling a large Pond mission at Loch Ard, Stirlingshire. One of our favourite projects from last Autumn.

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