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City/Urban Garden Redesign 

This garden design and installation was completed on a main door tenement ground floor garden space. The garden had been neglected over the years and had extensive overgrowth of trees, bushes, and debris from other gardens. Our added challenge was a lack of access with all equipment, waste, and materials being lifted through the house with painstaking care for the internals of the house. As you will see from the finished article the space is almost unrecognisable with its new fence, gates, patio, edging, and lawn.

The garden was pretty run down, overgrown trees and 3 different fences surrounding it, none in a decent state of repair. There were a couple of different levels in the garden and the grass was mostly moss.

I asked serenity to clear the garden out completely, create a patio area and pathway and put a new 6ft fence up with gates at both sides.

By far the biggest challenge for the team was having to come through my flat with all the debris andnew materials as I didn’t have any other way for them to access the garden. The small team of 2 got to work and managed to overcome this with hard work, meticulous planning and care for my home, left no mess whatsoever in my flat despite having to cut andbag up about 150 plus bags of debris, including old trees, bushes, fencing.

The customer service, advice and support from Serenity was fantastic, professional and I couldn’t have asked for more and I am delighted with the results. The garden now looks so much bigger than it was before, the quality of workmanship is fantastic and can’t wait to use the garden in the summer.

My overall experience of Serenity has been fantastic from initial consultation through to finishing and also following up to ensure I was happy. I would highly recommend this company for any garden/ landscaping/ fencing jobs.

Garden Redesign

Pond Advice & Regular Clearance 

This review is from one of the regular pond clearances we complete over the winter months (the best time of year to clear out features). This involved clearing out stubborn algae, debris from fallen leaves and branches and cutting away any overgrown greenery built up over the summer months.

Danny came to us to help revive our garden pond. We had had the pond for a few years and it had become overgrown and the pump for the water feature had failed. We also wanted to see if we could encourage wild life to come to the pond by using planting and edging. With Danny's expertise, we managed to clear the bottom of the pond and replace the pump with a more suitable one (the previous one ate fish!). He also replanted the whole thing with water plants so that it became far morefriendly to frogs and water insects.

Since Danny"s visit, we have had a beautiful pond, full of frogs and tadpoles with lots of water-boatmen and dragonflies. We have kept in touch with Danny since his first visit and he has been kind enough to advise us when the pump stopped working and has offered to maintain our pond each year. Serenity Water Featureshas far more knowledge about garden features and ponds than the original landscape gardeners. We have been very impressed with the service we have received and hope to continue our relationship with the company.

Regular Clearance

Pond Maintenance and Development 

This review is from one of our regular pond clearances we complete over the winter months (the best time of year to clear out features). This involved clearing out stubborn algae, debris from fallen leaves and branches and cutting away any overgrown greenery built up over the summer months.

I have a large and much-admired garden, the main feature of which is the pond and a high waterfall. Danny from Serenity was instrumental both in the design and the construction of this water feature and over the last five years he has been exclusively responsible for its maintenance.

Danny listens to my wishes/issues/concerns and gives appropriate advice based on his extensive experiences.

I have always found him to be professional, honest, hard-working and very competent and have no reservation whatsoever in recommending him if you wish to construct a garden and/or pond which is a bit special.

Pond Maintenance and Development

Cascade waterfall installation, on-going maintenance, and Development (the Fells)

This was a long-standing water feature with waterfall cascade sitting with a larger suburban garden. Over the years the feature had become overgrown with significant debris falling from large trees around the pool area. As well as clearing out all unwanted waste, algae was cleared off stones and pebbles and the water pump was updated to improve the water flow to achieve the full cascade effect. All this while protecting the customers much-loved frogs and toads!

15-year old pond with waterfall and pump that had overgrown with plants and needed drained, pebbles removed and all thoroughly cleaned out. Rearrangement of rocks, pebbles, plants, and removal of all the waste from the site. The path to the pond was tidied up and made more accessible to the waters edge. In the spring of 2019 we will have some new low growing easy to manage plants that will open up the view of the waterfall while bringing colour to the pond The geotextile on the base of the pond was carefully cut out and the liner base cleaned down. The old pump housing was removed and the pump was located in an area easy for maintenance or replacement. Their support and suggestions have been excellent and look forward to the new year to bring back our pond to life with the new planting. Can highly recommend them for their knowledgeable, safety conscious and efficient work. They are very tidy, and despite it being a really dirty job they cleaned everything every day and there was minimal mess. They have very good customer relations — You will not be disappointed

Cascade waterfall installation, on-going maintenance and Development
The Fells
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