Serenity At Work

This was a large long-standing pond in extensive rural garden grounds that hadn’t had any attention for some time creating a massive build up of silt and overgrown planting around the pond, leaving the water grimy and muddy. 

We used a roped floating pontoon controlled by team members from the edge of the pond. This allowed us to get to every inch of the pond maximising the amount of waste we could lift from the Pond and surrounds.

Here are a selection of pond clearances we’ve completed over the winter months (the best time of year to clear out features). This involves clearing out algae, debris from fallen leaves and branches and cutting away any overgrown greenery built up over the summer months. 

As you can see these lovely water features clean up well. 

“Bringing the outdoors In”. This existing water feature sitting inside an outdoor atrium of a city centre office was underused and undervalued. The idea behind the works was to have an elevating fountain which would be adjusted according to business goals – if sales are up then the fountain water flow is increased; this doubled nicely as an enjoyable outdoor place of serenity and a strong communication tool so the whole business are made aware of its successes. 


This garden design and installation was completed on a main door tenement ground floor garden space. The garden had been neglected over the years and had extensive overgrowth of trees, bushes and debris from other gardens. 

Our added challenge was a lack of access with all equipment, waste and materials being lifted through the house with painstaking care for the internals of the house. As you will see from the finished article the space is almost unrecognisable with its new fence, gates, patio and lawn.


This garden design and installation was completed on a semi detached house with extensive space at the front and rear and was a real blank canvas for us. An elderly couple had lived in the home and the garden had become overgrown and was enclosed only by a 2-foot 1960’s style trestle fence. 

The entire grounds were excavated along with the disposal of old patio slabs, decomposting bins and a crumbling perimeter fence. A large brand new lawn, a mixed 4 and 6 foot fence and a beautiful gravelled seating area were installed; along with a flexible entrance gate to the back which can be easily altered to provide full access from the large driveway. To finish the front a stone and gravel driveway and pathway were created. The whole house was almost unrecognisable when finished.


This stream and cascade waterfall was designed and installed in a small garden space within larger rural grounds. The stream was installed using natural materials (stone and boulders) to create a ‘closer to nature’ feel.

 The challenge with this was building the feature within the small space to achieve the height differential for a full cascade affect. As you can see the full water fall affect makes for a beautiful final feature

This was a long-standing water feature with waterfall cascade sitting within a larger suburban garden. Over the years the feature had become overgrown with significant debris falling from large tress around the pool area. 
As well as clearing out all unwanted wasted, algae was cleared off stones and pebbles and the water pump was updated to improve the waterflow to achieve the full cascade affect. All this while protecting the customers much loved frogs and toads! 


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