Restoration of Aged Features

Assessment, problem solving and re-activating old/aged features to clean them up to and restore them to their former Glory.

Restoration of Aged Features

Have you inherited an unloved water feature that’s sadly gone into disrepair? Or is your old feature simply needing a clean-up? Many people will choose to remove these lovely old features from their garden without first considering if they can be restored. 

Many older water features are beautifully unique and can be built from sought after or even discontinued materials. Before considering disposal, let us take a look at your water feature and we can tell you quickly whether its salvageable and can be restored to its’ original beauty and function. 

We provide these services Scotland-wide and may travel further afield in the UK for large-scale projects.

If you have a query or don’t know where to start please get in touch directly:

Tel: 0141 434 1206

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