Pond Drainage and Clearance

Full drainage and clearance of pond bed and edges. All sizes of ponds large and small considered.

Pond Drainage and Clearance

As all Ponds are organic, they continue to grow and therefore need on-going maintenance and care to keep them in their best condition. Pond clearance and maintenance is essential for sustaining healthy ecology in your pond and although best done in the winter months (when the debris from local plant life has fallen) this work can be done at anytime during the year.

Whilst carrying out any drainage work, we’re very conscious to minimise disruption to existing wildlife living in the ponds and will do our upmost to sustain the indigenous nature.

In the right-hand of this page you will see our ‘before and after’ pond clearance work and the difference just a little care can make. 

We provide these services Scotland-wide and may travel further afield in the UK for large-scale projects.

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