Procurement or Design and Delivery of Bespoke Equipment

Identifying and sourcing suitable equipment or design and build of bespoke items.

Working with water can be challenging and sometimes we need to be creative in how we mange the drainage and flow of water as not all equipment out there can solve every water problem!

We have put together unique pieces of equipment and would be happy to design the same for water problems out there that don’t have a current solution.

We also provide a procurement service that means Serenity subsumes the complication and cost concerns for our customers. We will seek to match or better on-line costs sourced by our customers. We offer the service direct to customers and also to Trade (B2B).

Please see our Products page for more on the products we procure.

If you have a query or don’t know where to start please get in touch directly:

Tel: 0141 434 1206

If you want to send us an email please use the contact form


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